Spirit in Sport is an independent cross-denominational registered charity which operates from but does not come under ownership of the rented space of Immanuel Baptist Church.

Our aim is to serve the community where there is a need, and build good relationships and friendships with local people on our doorstep.

We are unashamedly a Christian organisation. Our belief and motivation is in a triune God as the Father, the Son and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit as advocate.

We believe in the Holy Bible as God breathed and inspired truth. However, while we understand ourselves to be born again and baptised in the Holy Spirit, we do not push our beliefs on, or look to ‘convert’ those we work alongside or serve.

It is, nevertheless, our privilege and pleasure to pray, where requested, for those we work with and serve, whether Christians or not, and in our own space and time. We also appreciate the opportunity to respectfully and sensitively share our faith in God and the gospel truth as we understand it, while avoiding casting judgement on those who would disagree or share a contrasting belief.

We believe that our Christian faith is an essential cornerstone to serving the local community in the way that we do. Our sports and community programmes, whether provided solely by Spirit in Sport or in partnership with other Christian or non-Christian groups, provide an opportunity to support people in a friendly, safe and secure environment. Some initiatives, such as our Sports Camp, include a devotional time at the end of the day, and we also pray for the participants. Parents and careers are made aware of this and participation is always voluntary.