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Sports Camp is Spirit in Sport’s flagship sports activity. Available to children aged 6-15, Sports Camp normally takes place between for across the morning for 2-3 consecutive days during February and October half terms, and easter and summer holidays. 

The mornings include warm ups, sports skills and drills practices, and team games and competitions. Most Sports Camps also include cooking, to break up the morning and provide an alternative experience for the children – baking, as well as washing up!

Despite the national lockdowns in 2020 we were able to move our Sports Camp outdoors to offer three days of one hour action packed sport activities outdoors on Southsea Common. 

We can’t wait for Sports Camp to return in 2021 when possible and safe to do so!  

Winning with humility

Losing with dignity



Team work

Sports Camp is about developing character and confidence, as well as physical ability in sport. 

The sports activities carry with them messages about important Biblical and sporting principles.

devotional cards

At the end of each Sports Camp day we group up with everyone, share some of our highlights or ‘champagne moments’ and talk about some things we’ve learnt together through the different activities. 

We use our devotional cards to help the discussions while also sharing something related to our faith at the same time.  

word of the week

During the first lockdown we used these cards to continue to encourage our sports community. 

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