Woodwork, camaraderie, tea.

Timber and teabags flavour the atmosphere as Southsea Men enjoy a bit of camaraderie in serving the local community with well-developed trade skills and manners of years gone by.

Woodwork workshop for retired men, ex-services, rehabilitating. Projects for the local community.

£2 donation per week to help cover refreshments, insurance and equipment.

We are constantly assessing the accessibility of our Men’s Shed at this time in line with COVID restrictions. At times where national law permits, Southsea Men’s Shed may be open to a maximum of 2 existing members who will be required to follow all necessary precautions including masks, hand washing and social distancing. 

Moving forward, we are reviewing our options for the base of Southsea Men’s Shed in order to improve accessibility and increase space. We welcome any contact from anyone who may be able to provide a large ground floor space in a central location within the city.