Updated 6th April 2021

The key points from the Spirit in Sport guidelines and mitigation plan are set out below.


The following policy points relate to those activities and programmes which are permitted on the dates related to Step 1 of the Government’s roadmap out of the national lockdown which is in place until at least 12th April 2021 (see bottom of page). These measures and restrictions are in place for the benefit, health and safety of all parents, children, staff and volunteers associated with the Home Ed Sport programme. Should any parent, child, staff member of volunteer repeatedly or carelessly violate any of the measures or restrictions will be withdrawn from the event and may be prevented from accessing future Spirit in Sport events and programmes. 


Off-Field Activity

  1. Home Ed Sports Programme takes place 11am – 12pm during the school term on Tuesdays. Parents are advised to arrive between 10:40am and 10:50am to provide time to sign in and warm up. Sports Camp takes place 10am – 11am during school holidays. Parents are advised to arrive between 9:40am and 9:50am to provide time to sign in and warm up.
  2. Participants should arrive in sports kit ready to warm up. There will be no changing facilities, toilets or showers available at the venue.
  3. Signing in at the event is contactless.
  4. Participants and coaches should sanitise hands before and after a session as well as scheduled breaks throughout a session. Hand sanitiser will always be available for use at Spirit in Sport activities, and children will be asked to receive sanitiser on sign in before entering Games Areas and immediately after team talks at the end of sessions before leaving Games Areas;
  5. Parents/carers must maintain appropriate social distance with any adult or child who is not in their household or support bubble throughout the event.
  6. Social interactions before and after play can only take place between participants from the same household or support bubble. Exceptions will only be made in special circumstances such as supporting participants with disabilities. 
  7. Participants will be provided with their own ball to assist warm ups. Coaches will ensure that these balls are sanitised prior to being used for the activity. 
  8. All sports equipment will be located in one store with entry limited to no more than 2 staff members/volunteers. Equipment will be stored for a minimum of 6 days between each session.
  9. Participants should bring their own water bottles and ensure they are highly distinguishable to avoid being confused with others’ water bottles. Water bottles (and any refreshments) must not be shared. Water bottles should be stored in the designated water bottle zone located away from the field of activity.
  10. No spare kit will be available or provided on the day. Training bibs may be used and will be thoroughly washed by the Spirit in Sport team before and after the event.
  11. Parents/carers must minimise photography and filming and refrain from posting any images or videos taken during an activity or on site on social media, without Spirit in Sport’s and parents’/carers’ prior permission.

Prior to Event

  1. Coaches and participants must be mindful of their environments prior to participating in a Spirit in Sport activity, in how these places/activities respect rules and regulations for the safety of everyone taking part at Spirit in Sport and any subsequent activity.
  2. Coaches, participants, and parents/carers should follow best practice for travel including minimising car sharing and use of public transport. Walk or cycle if possible. (People from a household or support bubble can travel together in a vehicle). Prior to arrival, everyone must be aware of vehicle entry and exit points and parking and cycle storage arrangements for venues to ensure social distancing can be maintained.
  3. Risk assessments will be completed by Spirit in Sport prior to the event in line with guidance from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).
  4. Participants and parents will be made aware of modifications to game-play or activity structure on the day prior to the event or activities starting.
  5. Spirit in Sport will have their own action plan with a checklist of appropriate measures to put in place, which will be made available to all relevant personnel including coaches and welfare personnel. A brief will be provided to all Spirit in Sport personnel prior to the event starting. 
  6. Parents or carers who are in a participants support bubble will be permitted to attend the event. However, no other adults (apart from Spirit in Sport staff and volunteers) should be present at the event. 
  7. Registration for the event must be completed prior to arriving at the event and is subject to availability. 
  8. Payments are made online at registration prior to attending the event. 
  9. At least one member of every party of participants registered will be required to provide their name and contact details upon registration prior to the event. 
  10. A record of staff members and volunteers, including their contact details, shall be recorded prior to the event.
  11. All contact details recorded in association with the event will be stored by Spirit in Sport for 21 days (while remaining in accordance with GDPR) and may be offered where requested for NHS Test & Trace purposes.
  12. Everyone should self-assess for COVID-19 symptoms before taking part in any Spirit in Sport activity. If you are symptomatic or living in a household with possible or actual COVID-19 infection you must not participate or attend, and you should not leave your household
  • Symptoms of COVID-19 currently recognised include any of the following:
    • A high temperature
    • A new, continuous cough
    • A loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste

On-Field Activity

  1. Equipment will be available in a way that reduced the need to be shared between participants where possible.
  2. Where possible, competitive activities with groups will be limited to a maximum of 15 people per group, plus coaches (limited to 1 coach per group where possible). This may include competitive match play, with social distancing in place before and after the match, and in any breaks in play, for adults who are actively involved in the activity. Children will not be required to socially distance before, during or after activities
  3. Where possible groups of (max 15) will be formed based on the following priorities: (1) Siblings, (2)Members from same household/bubble ,(3) Age-groups
  4. Scheduled breaks, equipment, and refreshment storage will be spaced out to allow for social distancing to be maintained.
  5. Activities will keep handling of balls and other sports equipment to a minimum with most contact via a boot and the ball
  6. Hand shakes, high-fives, huddles, and face-to-face confrontation during activities should be avoided. Celebrations (e.g. for goal scoring) should be kept minimal and humble. Coaches and participants must refrain from spitting.
  7. Participants should avoid shouting or raising their voices when facing each other during, before and after games (and at all times should refrain from swearing or use of inappropriate language).
  8. Participants should ensure sports clothing is loose and covers skin where it is reasonable and practical, to minimise contact of equipment and skin (and skin with skin).
  9. Participants or spectators must not use any equipment which has not been prepared for the specific activity. 
  10. Coaches will be encouraged to limit repeated close proximity to participants during and before and after sessions. 
  11. Where possible, coaches should only handle equipment during activities. 
  12. Treatment of injuries are permitted by first aid trained coaches wearing face coverings. Coaches must thoroughly clean their hands with soap water or hand sanitiser at the earliest opportunity regardless of level of contact. Coaches must avoid touching mouths, eyes, and noses.
  13. Coaches will keep a record of all participants who they come into prolonged physical contact with for track and trace purposes. 

This policy will be reviewed and updated accordingly, whether due revisions being required as a result of a new risk or issue arising, or in line with further government announcements and changes, in particular in anticipation of Step 2 due to take place from April 12th and Step 3 due to take place from May 17th. 


Government Roadmap (COVID-19 Response Spring 2021)

Spirit in Sport anticipates the following programmes to be permitted in line with the government’s roadmap steps. 

Step 1

  1. From March 8, in line with the government guidelines repeated below, Spirit in Sport will be able to run the Home Ed Sports programme. 
  2. From March 29, in line with government guidelines repeated below, Spirit in Sport will be able to run the Sports Camp programme, in addition to Home Ed Sports provision, subject to further government announcements.

Pupils and students in all schools and Further Education settings will return to face-to-face education from 8 March. Wraparound childcare (including childminders) and other children’s activities can restart from 8 March for all children where it is needed to enable parents or carers to work, seek work, attend education, seek medical care or attend a support group. Vulnerable children can attend these settings regardless of circumstance. Under-18 sport can take place at school as part of educational provision, or as part of wraparound care, but should not otherwise take place at this time.

From 8 March, out-of-school settings (OOSS) and wraparound childcare providers will be able to offer indoor and outdoor provision to all children. 

OOSS are organisations or individuals that provide tuition, training, instruction or activities to children in England without their parents’ or carers’ supervision, but are not:

  • schools
  • colleges
  • education settings providing alternative provision
  • 16 to 19 academies
  • providers caring for children that are registered with Ofsted or a childminder agency

These settings generally provide tuition, training, instruction or activities outside normal school hours (for example, evenings, weekends, school holidays), although some settings are run part-time during school hours to help meet the needs of those in home education.

Therefore, from 8 March, providers should only offer indoor and outdoor face-to-face provision to:

  • vulnerable children and young people
  • other children, where the provision is:
    • reasonably necessary to enable their parents and carers to work, search for work, undertake education or training, or attend a medical appointment or address a medical need, or attend a support group
    • being used by electively home educating parents as part of their arrangements for their child to receive a suitable full-time education
    • being used as part of their efforts to obtain a regulated qualification, meet the entry requirements for an education institution, or to undertake exams and assessments

Until 8 March, this provision should only be offered to vulnerable children and young people, and children of critical workers. From 8 March, all children will be able to access indoor and outdoor sports provision, where it is being used for the purposes of supporting their parents to work, seek work, undertake education or training, attend a medical appointment or address a medical need, or to attend a support group; and for other limited purposes. Vulnerable children will be able to access this provision under any circumstance.

From 8 March, in line with those children returning to school, children who are electively home educated will also be able to attend out-of-school settings, where the provision is being used by electively home educating parents, as part of their arrangements for their child to receive a suitable full-time education;

From 29 March there is an opportunity for some further limited changes as part of Step 1, as most schools start to break up for the Easter holidays…The Government will also allow outdoor sports facilities to reopen, broadening the options for outdoor exercise and recreation. These facilities, such as tennis and basketball courts, and swimming pools, can be used by people in line with the wider social contact limits. Formally organised outdoor sports – for adults and under 18s – can also restart and will not be subject to the gatherings limits, but should be compliant with guidance issued by national governing bodies.

All children will be able to access any outdoor childcare and supervised activities.

From 29 March, and in line with when schools close for the Easter holidays, out-of-school settings and wraparound providers will be able to offer:

  • outdoor provision to all children, without restrictions on the purpose for which they may attend
  • indoor provision to:
    • vulnerable children and young people
    • children on free school meals, where they are attending as part of the Department for Education’s holiday activities and food programme
  • other children, where the provision is:
    • reasonably necessary to enable their parents and carers to work, search for work, undertake education or training, or attend a medical appointment or address a medical need, or attend a support group
    • being used by electively home educating parents as part of their arrangements for their child to receive a suitable full-time education
    • being used as part of their efforts to obtain a regulated qualification, meet the entry requirements for an education institution, or to undertake exams and assessments


COVID-19 Response – Spring 2021 Updated 22nd February 2021 https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-response-spring-2021/covid-19-response-spring-2021  (date last checked 06.04.21)

Protective measures for holiday and after-school clubs, and other out-of-school settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak Updated 23rd February 2021

https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/protective-measures-for-holiday-or-after-school-clubs-and-other-out-of-school-settings-for-children-during-the-coronavirus-covid-19-outbreak/protective-measures-for-out-of-school-settings-during-the-coronavirus-covid-19-outbreak (date last checked 02.02.21)

Coronavirus (COVID-19): grassroots sports guidance for safe provision including team sport, contact combat sport and organised sport events, published 1st December 2020 (for Tier restrictions), Updated January 6th 2021 (for national lockdown), assumed to resume again from March 8th 2021. 

https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-grassroots-sports-guidance-for-safe-provision-including-team-sport-contact-combat-sport-and-organised-sport-events (date last checked 02.02.21)


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