The Christian faith is the cornerstone of Spirit in Sport and Spirit in the Community

It spurs us on and motivates the leadership team to do its best in everything it does. We believe that every human being is loved and valued by God. Putting our faith into action means working alongside the members of the local community in a friendly and safe environment, to meet their needs and support them in achieving their potential.

We promote good health and wellbeing for the local community, through the provision of sports and community activities for children and adults of all ages, leading on to not only preventing or relieving social exclusion but making long lasting friendships.

All of our activities have SEVEN common goals – made possible by God’s grace through our faith – including: 

  1. Establish relationships and build camaraderie. 
  2. Deliver with a spirit of excellence.
  3. Encourage self-esteem and self-worth.
  4. Facilitate achievement.
  5. Enable in(ter)dependence. 
  6. Develop peace of mind and health in body.
  7. Offer something new and fun.