Careers Cafe

Career routes are getting more complicated in this fast-changing world. Ensuring you or your child find the ‘right fit’ from the post-16 options can be a complex task.

The Careers Cafe invites the local community into a fresh and welcoming environment as a place to explore possible career options at any life stage.

Working alongside partners in the careers guidance industry, volunteers provide meaningful time to young people, with an emphasis on listening, and helping them reflect on and explore their skills, interests and passions and how these might fit with possible career paths. 


Don’t know what you want to do? Talk to us…One hour sessions with qualified volunteer careers consultants are available to anyone. We particularly like to bring family members together where possible. 


Destinations is a programme of activities which bring to life careers information in an accessible form, including through live audience discussions with experts and professionals, and online features to present career route backstories. 

Planted in the friendly Spirit in Sport centre, the Careers Cafe is one of a range of facilities, services, and activities taking place across the week and for people of all backgrounds and needs.